Our insurance process may work differently than what you have experienced before, as we are an out-of-network provider with all major insurance carriers. We will always take care of necessary paperwork and electronically file insurance claims on your behalf for all services provided. The insurance company will then reimburse you and often the rates for out-of-network and in-network services are very similar. We have many patients in our practice that take advantage of the benefits offered by their insurance companies!

While your insurance may pay in full for preventive services, such as exams and cleanings, you are responsible for any balance remaining after your insurance pays your claim. Your oral health is always our top priority and consideration when making treatment recommendations. If you aren’t sure about your insurance policy coverage, our financial coordinator will help you assess your coverage and work to maximize your benefits.

Affordable Payment Plans

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best dental care and achieve the smile you have always wanted. Our practice accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans. Additionally, we have third-party financing options available through Lending Point to help meet your needs.

Convenient Online Services

With the simple click of a mouse, our secure online service allows you to:

  • Schedule a new patient or cleaning appointment
  • View your appointment and account information at any time
  • Sign up for email or text appointment reminders
  • Check your payment history and see current charges
  • Print out flex spending reimbursement and tax receipts

If you do not have a patient login, please let us know at your next appointment, and we will gladly help you set up your own personal account.

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